Why expose yourself to danger at high levels? When 'Gutterskype' can safely and efficiently do it for you. We will survey the building/s and carry out a hazard and risk assessment for ourselves and the public for actions and procedures.


At 'Gutterskype.com' we provide a (COSHH & RAMS) statements and after a (Work Report) including pictures and synopsis. With full Public liability insurance and Certification; We are well equipped to handle the needs of one property or those of an entire community. 


We use state of the art specialised machines and equipment such as:

  • Diesel or electric booms. 60metres (200ft)
  • Scissor Lifts.
  • Large trade ladders and accessories.
  • Towers and Scaffold.
  • Safety harness, ropes and equipment.
  • Specialised pole system with CCTV monitoring to survey. 

We can carry out all manner of high rise work - please contact us to find out more.

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Property Maintenance and Renovation Specialists.

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