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High Rise


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No more damp or draughty lofts, just an exceptional service provided for you and your investment...

Broken or slipped tiles can be the source of many problems and eventually cause extensive damage to your property such as:

  • Damage to roofing timbers.
  • Structural damp and penetrating leaks.
  • Wood rot and mold growth.
  • Serous Health problems.
  • Sagging and distortion.
  • Stained ceiling and plaster.
  • Attract types of insects.

At 'Gutterskype.com' We make sure we go the extra mile by doing a couple of extra things like:

  • No mess - All debris is bagged for recycling.
  • Inform you of any other existing roof or gutter problems.

Residential, Commercial, Educational, Government, Industrial, Military & Religious buildings, Stately and Country houses.



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